Direct Connect’s Lead Capture Widget Will Improve Your Conversion Rates

Speed to Lead matters

Direct Connect’s Lead Capture Widget Will Improve Your Conversion Rates

In this article, we’ll explore Direct Connect’s Lead Capture Widget and how it can benefit your lead capture and conversion rates.

“What’s the best way to acquire leads?”

“How much should I be paying for a sales lead?”

“What channels should I be using to generate leads?”

“How quickly should I respond to leads?”

“What impact does speed to lead have on conversion rates?

These are some of the questions business and marketers ask when they are pursuing high-quality leads.

These days it’s easy to generate leads through paid ads, the art is to acquire quality leads that are cost-effective, and that actually do convert!

In growing your revenue, some businesses focus on increasing their advertising spend to increase the volume of leads coming in to the business.    That’s certainly one way to do, but it’s only part of the solution.

The focus should be on optimizing your conversion rates.  Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is important because it helps boost sales revenues without increasing the advertisement expenditure.  Essentially, getting better outcomes from the leads you’re already paying for.

Today, companies are using multiple strategies to increase their conversion rates, as higher conversion rates usually result in a higher return on investment. Sounds simple, right?

There are multiple ways to improve conversion rates to achieve CRO, and many available tools and software that can assist.   But ultimately it comes own to two core principals:

  1. Focussing on generating traffic from the right audience for your business.  Understanding your target market and how to position your product or service to the right people will result in higher quality leads for your sales team.
  2. What happens next?  An often overlooked component of your sales process is how leads will be handled, and how quickly they will be responded to.   Speed to lead is critical in providing your sales team with the highest possible opportunity to convert a lead into an appointment or sale.

If you’re not generating the right kinds of leads, then you’re only wasting time and money.  Put simply, the only leads that matter for your business are the leads you can potentially convert.

Lead quality always trumps quantity.  Receiving 100 relevant leads from qualified buyers is always better than receiving 1000 unqualified leads that will take a lot of time and resources to respond to and try and find the few quality leads within the group.

How to Cut Through the Clutter and Reach High-Quality Leads

To distinguish yourself online and cut through the clutter to reach potential customers quickly, you need to find the right lead generation strategy for your business.  Investing in the wrong lead generation strategy can drain your funds and resources, and can be frustrating and de-motivating for your sales team.

When it comes to choosing “the right lead handling strategy” for your business, a critical consideration needs to be how you will handle and measure the speed to lead i.e. how quickly your marketing and sales team responds to a new lead.

Do you currently track your lead response times?

When was the last time you mystery shopped your own sales team?

A Forbes article reveals that it takes a business, on average, 47 hours to respond to a lead!

Studies have proven that up to 78 percent of consumers purchase from the business that responds to their query first.

Additionally, a Velocify survey revealed that when businesses respond to a customer query made online within 60 seconds, lead conversions are 391% higher.

This drops to 120% if you take a minute longer to respond and conversion rates fall as low as 36% when the response time is an hour or more.

From these stats, it is clear that the faster your lead response time is, the more likely you are to get ahead of the competition.

Ultimately, focussing on your speed to lead times will allow you to cost-effectively build a high converting sales funnel.

Direct Connect offers a number of solutions for improving lead response times, and one key feature is or Lead Capture Widget.

Imagine a customer actively searching on your website, they have a may have a question the need to ask or they might already be deciding between you and a competitor.   Our lead capture widget is a clear way to trigger a ‘call to action’ that will help connect the website browser to a phone call with your team in realtime.

When a website visitor clicks on the widget, a lead capture form pops-up.  Within a few seconds of a lead being submitted, your business receives an inbound phone call that notifies you of the key information submitted by the customer.  You can then “press 1” and be instantly connected on the phone to the lead – Often while they are still browsing your website!

Since this allows you to respond to leads significantly faster than the average, you have a clear advantage over your competitors when it comes to lead conversion.  This is not something “in the works”. Instead, this feature is already here. We’re talking about Direct Connect’s new lead capture widget that is designed to help you respond to your leads faster and thus stand a better chance of converting them than your competitors.

Understanding Direct Connect’s Lead Capture Widget and How It Works

Lead generation tools come in all shapes, types, and sizes – all with varying service offerings and pricing structures. Before you begin narrowing down the options, decide what your lead generation goals are, and how you’d like to reach your potential customers.

If you choose to direct leads from your website or landing page to your sales funnel, then you need to ensure that you immediately catch the interest of potential customers, and if a lead is submitted you need to ensure you respond within minutes, not hours.

Direct Connect offers an immediate solution, we can have your sales team on the phone with a lead in less than 60 seconds!

The Direct Connect lead capture widget is designed to make the lead generation process easier AND faster.  Our widget will capture additional leads, and ensures they are immediately delivered to your sales team for their immediate response.  All they need to do is answer the phone!

The following is a step-by-step explanation of how the lead capture widget works to speed up your lead generation and boost your conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Lead Capture Widget Appearance on Your Website

Speed to lead widget

The lead capture widget can be seen on the right side of the page with a pop-up window showing the “proactive message,” (we’ll explain more about the proactive message feature in this article).

The lead capture widget is an included feature offered by Direct Connect that can be added to any website or landing page to increase the number of leads, and improve the lead handling speed to lead – The two core principals of a good CRO strategy.

As seen on the website for Live Chat Monitoring, the lead capture widget can be positioned on the right or left side of the screen, and works well alongside live chat or any other CTA you may have set up.

The Lead Capture Form

Lead Capture Form

After a visitor to your website clicks on the lead capture widget, they will see a lead capture form that allows several input fields depending on how much information you want to gather. This can be customized to suit your needs within our Dashboard.

After a potential customer fills in the form and hits submit, your business will receive a call within two seconds, and the key lead information will be read out to your team.  Direct Connect works as a lead concierge to deliver hot leads to your team in realtime.

In the example shown here, all the key information is collected by the form, and will be read out to your team when they answer the call.

The Direct Connect Dashboard allows you to customise the look and feel of the widget to suit your website and brand.

We’ll explore some of the key customisation options below.

The Dashboard – Customisation options

When you login to your account, you’ll be able to adjust everything from the position, size, form fields, colours and proactive messages.   There’s a lot of opportunities to customise the widget to suit your needs!  Here’s a quick overview of some of the key settings you may wish to use:

Box Placement

Direct Connect Lead Capture Widget Placement

Generally, the first step in customising the lead capture widget is to decide where to place it on your website.

Depending on your website content and website design, you might have a preference for which side of the screen the form will appear on.   If you’re using live chat software, you may want to put that on the opposite side of the page.

As shown here, the placement of the box can easily be changed from the right to the left or vice versa.  Changing the position is as simple as clicking the position and then saving the settings.

Form Fields

There are 8 templates that can be used for the form.

Direct Connect Form Fields

These include:

Standard:  Name, Phone, Question.

Standard + Email:  Name, Phone, Email, Question.

Standard + Location: Name, Phone, Location, Question.

Standard + Email + Location: Name, Phone, Email, Location, Question.

Standard + Department: Name, Phone, Department, Question.

Standard + Email + Department: Name, Phone, Email, Department, Question.

Standard + Location + Finance: Name, Phone, Location, Loan Amount, Question.

Standard + Email + Location + Finance: Name, Phone, Email, Location, Loan Amount, Question.


Lead Capture Form Header


As shown here, the header of the widget can be customized as well.

You can change the text in the header to your company name, or use it as a call to action.

You can also change the colour of the header and button to suit your website design and corporate branding.

Lead Widget Button

Lead Capture Button

Like the lead capture form, the lead widget button can also be customised to suit your website design.

There are three options:

  1. Text button (You can customise the text to suit your needs, this provides a great ‘call to action’ to help capture more leads).
  2. Choose an icon (These are well-positioned in the bottom left or right corner of your website)
  3. Upload your own button design (A great option if you have a specific design you would like to use!).
Additional Settings

Direct Connect additional settingsThere’s a number of other key features and settings that can be adjusted.

These include:

  • Change the button name/text.
  • Add or remove the ‘timing text’ so you can set expectations with customers on when they will receive a call back.
  • Set the text alignment:  Left, Right, or Center.
  • Add a Terms and Conditions field – Ideal for having customers opt-in to your Database or for GDPR Compliance.
  • Set a confirmation message (and timing) that is displayed after a lead is submitted.

Proactive Message Features

direct Connect Proactive Triggers

The proactive message features are designed to grab the attention of your website visitors, and help you capture more leads!

The settings have been designed to ensure that when potential customers are on your website and browsing the website content, the lead capture widget is immediately noticeable to them without hindering their website viewing experience.

There are a few things that you can do with the proactive message to draw attention to the lead capture widget, which in turn will drive more leads for your business, and receiving online leads as inbound phones is how you can ensure your lead response time is less than 60 seconds.

There are two key features for optimising the performance of the widget:

The first is the ability to add a “Flash” to the button.  The flashing helps draw attention to the button so that more users will engage with the form.    The flash colour can be customised to suit your website or brand.

The second feature is a “proactive message” that can be enabled.   This is a message that will appear as a call to action to your website visitor.

The proactive message can be customised for each page of your site, and can say something as simple as “Would you like us to call you?” or you could use it for specific promotions and have a message along the lines of “Would you like to know more about our XYZ Promotion?”.

You can customise the timing of the proactive and set the number of seconds a user will be on the page before it appears.

Additionally, there is a re-engagement timer that will allow a second proactive message to be sent if the website visitor is still on the page.  This is a great way of ensuring that you don’t miss an opportunity to capture a lead from someone who is on your website for an extended period.

Final Word

The Direct Connect lead capture widget can be customized to effectively target website visitors to get high-quality leads.

The lead capture form and the numerous features of the lead capture widget, including the placement of the widget on the website, the header, the form fields, the lead widget button, the submit button and timing text, and the proactive message features can all be customized to grab the attention of potential customers who visit your website.

After your website visitors notice the lead capture widget and click on it, a lead capture form will pop-up. Once they fill the customized contact form and hit the send button, it will immediately trigger the phone call to your business that reads out all the information provided on the form. The key benefit of this is that you can reach out to people while they are still on your website.

Instead of leads having to wait for hours or sometimes days to receive a call from your business, you can get in touch with them within 60 seconds. This can be an extremely powerful conversion tool since the lead conversion rate is 391% higher when you respond to customer inquiries online within the first minute.

This can give you a significant advantage over your competitors.   While your competitors take their time to respond to leads, your team can be on the phone with a potential client in less than 60 seconds.   Direct Connect gives you the opportunity to book an appointment or make a sale before your competitors have even had an opportunity to pick up the phone!

If your business is in a competitive industry, your lead response time is critical to ensuring your lead conversion is as its peak.

Direct Connect ensures your speed to lead time is less than 60 seconds!

Get started today for just $49!