What is Direct Connect?

Direct Connect is essentially lead conversion software that allows businesses to convert online leads into inbound phone calls.   For any business, speed to lead is critical.

When a potential customer submits an online lead (elead), Direct Connect instantly converts the online lead into an inbound phone call to the business, and our ‘digital whisper’ will read that information out to the salesperson and invite them to “press 1” to be connected to the customer.

Direct Connect is more than just click to call software, we enable businesses to instantly improve their lead response times and provide you with an unfair advantage over your competitors!

What is the Direct Connect Lead Capture Widget?

Our Lead Capture Widget is a fantastic tool for capturing additional leads from your website or landing page.

By simply adding 1 line of code to your website, you can add a click to call lead capture widget that will help engage website visitors with a call to action.   When the button is clicked, a lead capture form will appear.

With seconds of the lead being submitted, Direct Connect will trigger an inbound phone call to your team.   You can read more about how it works here:

Blog:  Direct Connect’s Lead Capture Widget Will Improve Your Conversion Rates

Which package is right for me?

The pricing for Direct Connect starts from just $49 per month, we have packages suited to businesses of all sizes.

Our packages are based on the number of Company Contacts (phone numbers) that you want to receive Direct Connect phone calls.

Our ‘Essential’ package is $49 per month and allows up to 3 Company Contacts to receive calls, and is ideal for small teams or businesses that have all inbound calls sent to a central phone number.

Our ‘Pro’ package is $99 per month and allows up to 7 Company Contacts to receive calls, and this is ideal for growing and mid-sized teams that want the flexibility of routing calls to specific team members.

Our ‘Pro+’ package is $149 per month and allows up to 15 Company Contacts to receive calls, and this is perfect for larger teams.  Additional users mean more flexibility for lead distribution to different teams, different departments, and/or different locations as needed.

Enterprise level packages are available, contact us for details and pricing!

What lead sources can be triggered to Direct Connect?

Almost any online lead can be triggered as a Direct Connect call!

This includes leads coming in from:

  1. Website contact us forms
  2. Product Pages and lead capture forms
  3. Landing pages
  4. Social Media campaigns, such as Facebook and Instagram
  5. Live Chat leads
  6. Chatbot leads
  7. Third-party lead sources (such as aggregate sites and lead generation portals, and many more).

Almost any lead or elead can be triggered via an API or via email to convert an online lead to a livecall within seconds.

Direct Connect allows you to respond to leads in realtime, so that your sales team has the best opportunity to build a relationship and book an appointment before your competitors do!

How are the calls routed when I have multiple team members?

When setting up your Direct Connect account, you will input the phone numbers that you want to receive phone calls within your business.  These can be landline or mobile phone numbers.

Each time an online lead is received, our lead response software will trigger a phone call to the phone numbers you have nominated.   If multiple phone numbers are listed, our system will “line hunt” and attempt to call each number until someone answers.

You have the ability to set the number of call attempts, from one attempt to multiple attempts for each number.

You also have the ability to route calls by location or department, and you can set the availability of your team on an individual basis.

How are the call credits calculated?

Each call uses credits from your account balance.  Credits are calculated as 1 credit = 1 minute, or part thereof.   When signing up to Direct Connect you will receive an allocation of free credits to get you started, the top-up package you select is not charged until your credit balance drops to 25 credits or less – And at this point, a top-up package is automatically applied to your account at the level you selected.

Direct Connect Credits do not expire, as long as an active monthly subscription is maintained the credits remain in your account until used.