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Direct Connect Partner Program
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Become a Direct Connect Partner and earn a recurring 15% commission every month!

How it works
1. You join our affiliate program and get a unique link that can be shared.
2. You promote Direct Connect via your website, blog, social media, webinars, tutorials, etc..
3. We pay you 15% recurring commission for every customer you refer to us!

Who can benefit from our Partner Program?

Digital Agencies and Digital Marketers

Instantly boost the conversion rates from the leads you generate for your clients!   Direct Connect allows you to track the lead response rates for the campaigns you deliver to ensure your clients achieve the maximum ROI.

PPC and SEO Agencies

Adding Direct Connect to your service offering will allow you a holistic view of the results your campaigns are delivering.   Each lead you generate for your clients can be tracked and recorded to assist in reporting on lead quality and lead outcomes.

Sales Trainers & Business Coaches

Direct Connect is an amazing tool for providing visibility and accountability on lead handling.  Provide your clients with an unfair advantage over their competitors by being the first to respond to an online lead.

CRM and Lead Management Software Vendors

Integrate Direct Connect with your existing solution and allow leads and enquiries to be triggered as inbound phone calls.   This improves response times and helps deliver an increase in conversion rates, and is a great complementary feature for existing CRM’s and Lead Management Systems.

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