Direct Connect – Your Personal Lead Concierge

Lead Concierge

The first challenge when it comes to running any business – be it an Automotive Dealership, a Home Builder, or a Law Firm – is generating leads.

The Second challenge is converting those leads into paying customers!

Improving lead conversion rates is a critical step that’s often overlooked.  Many businesses continue to focus on lead volume, and forget to focus on lead response times.

Even if you are able to attract the right quality leads, it doesn’t guarantee a high lead conversion rate.

Just because you have a well-designed website and a good marketing strategy doesn’t mean your job is done.

Generating high-quality leads is just the beginning..

Often, the determining factor as to whether or not your leads covert is how you handle them; most importantly, your speed to lead response time!

It’s all about being faster than your competition, and in today’s market, everyone is time-poor and expects a fast response when they are looking for answers.  Everything is a race, especially business.

That is exactly what Direct Connect offers; a chance for you to be the first to get in touch with your leads and therefore have a better chance at conversion.

Nobody Remembers Who Finished Second, If You’re Not FIRST – You’re Last.

The business who responds the quickest is automatically the first – The first to make contact, the first to build a relationship, and the first to book an appointment (or make the sale!).

It’s important to remember that when a potential customer submits a lead, their interest and their intent is at its peak.  Right at that moment is when your business is ‘top of mind’ as they are actively researching online and submitting leads to you (and to your competitors!).

From the moment a lead is submitted, the customers interest and intent will begin to decline. It is crucial that you respond to leads as close to the point of enquiry as possible, not hours (or sometimes days!) later, or you may miss your opportunity.

The more time you take to respond, the more likely it is that the customer has moved on and may be too busy or distracted to speak with you – Or worse, they may have already spoken with your competitor and committed to an appointment or a sale!

Studies show that 50% of customers buy from the vendor that replies first.

The average customer often fills four or more lead forms when they’re looking to buy. And as soon as they submit a lead, a race between you and your competitors begins where the “speed to lead” is often all that’s standing between conversion and a lost lead oppotunity.

If you’re slow to respond, you miss out on the opportunity. By responding to leads immediately, you demonstrate that you’re professional, responsive, and that you value your clients’ time.

This is a great way to instantly build trust and rapport with potential clients, which should result in a significant increase in conversion rates.

Getting a distracted lead back on board is much more difficult that converting a new one. By responding to leads within 5 minutes, your likelihood to convert leads increases by 9 times.

Think of Direct Connect as your personal lead concierge, we’ll help you make the most of these crucial first 5 minutes by letting you get in touch with customers within 60 seconds!

We make it simple and easy to improve your lead response times.  All the magic happens at the back end. When an online lead is submitted to your business, Direct Connect will extract the important bits of information and then dials your sales team  converts within seconds.    When your team answers, they will hear the lead information as a ‘digital whisper’ and will be invited to “press 1” to connect the call to the customer.

Within a few seconds, you get to chat with your leads and convert them while you’re still top of mind!

Standing Out – Exemplifying Customer Support

First impressions are the last(ing) impression, and your response time when a lead gets in touch with you for the first time is a crucial element in letting them know how serious and professional you are.

Your quick response in the beginning is a reflection of how quickly you respond to customer queries as well, which is one of the determining factors buyers consider when making a purchase.

66% of all customers said that great customer service is important when it comes to choosing a brand.  By responding within 60 seconds, you are generating that “wow” factor customers are looking for.  Your speed to lead can ultimately portray you as the trustworthy business partner customers are looking for!

As your personal lead concierge, Direct Connect makes sure your lead response time is always seconds, not hours – Your response will be so quick that you’ll often be speaking to a lead while they’re still on your website!

Not only that, you’re showing potential clients that you’re available for them throughout the day, and that you value their time and efforts.

Think of it from your customers’ point of view. They are filling forms left and right about a product or service that they’re really interested in. By being the first to reply, you form a connection with that person, capitalizing on the ‘freshness’ of their interest. This freshness also helps build rapport, effectively leaving a very positive impression in their mind about your business.

Even if they consider other options after getting in touch with you, you’ll remain their first – and it is likely that you’ll be the option they go with!

Direct Connect is a great way to give your business an unfair advantage in market.

Direct Connect – The Key to Exceeding Client Expectations

In today’s competitive market where almost every other business has a robust online presence (and clients are shifting toward ecommerce), lead response times have become the foundation of client expectations.

You can’t afford not to reply quickly anymore, because if you won’t, someone else will.

As your personal lead concierge, Direct Connect makes sure that you never miss an opportunity to exceed expectations.  Most of us have become accustomed to businesses being slow to respond, so when you nail the lead response time in under seconds – You’ll immediately impress them!

The speed you show when responding to a lead – your “speed to lead” – is what will help you stand out from the crowd to new customers.

Direct Connect is a convenient solution not just because of how quickly it lets you get in touch with clients, but also the form in which leads are delivered to you; inbound phone calls.

Inbound calls are easy, convenient, and most importantly, mobile!  Gone are the days of needing to check your CRM or Inbox to receive a new lead.   They’ll still be there (of course), but with Direct Connect, you can now have your online leads delivered to you as inbound calls – no matter where you are!

We have different plans based on your needs and team size, so register today and start responding to leads within 60 seconds!

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